RTA Numbers Bus Routes Reflecting One Cohesive System and Eliminating Rider Confusion

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ELLICOTT CITY, MD- In an effort to make its transit system more user-friendly, the Regional Transportation Agency of Central Maryland (RTA) today announced it is renamingall bus routes on former designated systems from Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, northern Prince George’s, and the City of Laurel. The new numbering system will also include the regional routes operated under Connect-A-Ride and Howard Transit. The changes will begin on July 1, 2014. Download a printer-friendly list here.

Routes currently named using letters and colors will convert to a simple, easy to identify three-digit numbering system. The change will make it easier for riders to understand the routes, provide uniformity to the system and allow for the addition of new bus routes in the future.

While this transition is underway, to avert customer confusion, buses will display both the new and old route names. Bus head signs will display the new route number followed by the letter or color of the current system. For instance, the bus header sign for the riders of the Howard Transit Orange Route will read “Route 404/ Orange.”

In addition, new printed timetable schedules and new bus stop signs will reflect both the old and new route designations until riders become familiar with the new system. Eventually, the existing route designations will be removed.

The new three-digit route numbers are as follows:

100’sReserved for the City of Annapolis- Annapolis Transit routes;

200’s- Anne Arundel County- Former Connect-A-Ride routes;

J →                 201

K →                202

M →                203

300’s – Prince George’s County/City of Laurel- Former Connect-A-Ride routes;

A →                 301

G →                302

400’s – Howard County-Former Howard Transit routes;

Green →        401

Orange →     404

Yellow →       405

Red →           406

Brown →       407

Gold →          408

Purple →       409

500’s – Regional Routes serving Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Prince George’s County, and the City of Laurel- Former Connect-A-Ride and Howard Transit routes;

Silver →         501

B →                502

E →                503

“The re-naming of the routes, new timetables, improved maps, and new bus signs throughout the RTA service area are just some of the steps we will be taking during the next few months to make it more convenient for riders to use our system,” said Sue Poole, Director of Communications for the RTA.

For more information on the changes to the numbering system, or the RTA of Central Maryland, please contact the RTA at 410-313-6420 or by email at

Media Contact:

Philip Pumphrey, General Manager, RTA of Central Maryland, 410-796-6589

Sue Poole, Director of Communications, RTA of Central Maryland, 410-313-0588