RTA Mobility is a curb-to-curb, shared ride transportation service for Riders who are unable to ride RTA fixed route transit system due to a disability or age. “Shared ride” means multiple Riders riding together in the same vehicle at the same time. RTA Mobility provides two (2) types of service: complementary American with Disability Act (ADA) and General Paratransit (GPT) throughout the Central Maryland Regional Transit zones: Howard County, Anne Arundel County, City of Laurel, and Northern Prince George’s County.

Upon approval (referencing the resources to the right), please call 1-800-270-9553, option 3, to schedule your ride.

Commendations, Suggestions, Complaints, and Questions:

All RTA Mobility employees are trained to provide safe, reliable and courteous service. The RTA always wants to hear from our riders, whether it is a compliment, complaint or suggestion. To file a complaint or commendation regarding RTA Mobility service, call 1-800-270-9553 option 3, option 6 or (Maryland Relay: 711) write to: RTA Mobility 8510 Corridor Rd. Suite 110 Savage, MD 20763 fax: 443-285-0050 or email: