Everything You Need To Know About Norton Antivirus Gets Down Here!!

By March 28, 2017 No Comments

While most of the attacks concern around stealing your personal information, others can bug your system or phone. Though the risks of such attacks can only be minimised and not avoided, having reputable and paid antivirus software setup  will definitely accomplish this task giving in the much needed peace of mind while you use your device. If you have been looking for a well-crafted robust antivirus program, Norton antivirus comes as a promising choice!

Understanding what is a Norton Antivirus Security Software:

The Norton Security antimalware program is software that works as a doctor monitoring the entire functioning of your device providing protection from unscrupulous threats, attacks and misuse. While earlier, use of such softwares was limited to scanning and cleaning virus from the device, today there is a lot more to them. From controlling your processor usage to optimising your battery life, you will be amazed at what difference it can bring to your smartphone, laptop or any other digital device such as iPad or Mac

Different features that come with Norton antivirus security:

  • Provides complete monitoring of calls and SMs text messages
  • The user can even block applications directly via the software
  • Provides data backup
  • Regular scans, deep scans to manage your device memory
  • Let’s you analyse your system by studying various component together

Quarantine Files

This feature in Norton security lets you quarantine the file without actually deleting it, thereby eliminating the positives that could come during virus scans. There are times when a perfectly healthy system file gets tag of a malicious one by your antivirus program thereby requiring an immediate action. While, most antivirus softwares delete it directly, Norton lets the user chose between quarantining them to be reviewed later. If the user finds it to be useful, he/she can restore back to the destination from where it was taken.

Identifying malicious content and potential threats:

With its recent upgrade, Norton works on the basis on an inherent mechanism identifying threats that fall beyond its student database. As soon as it encounters a presence of any third party source, it sends a copy of receipt to the manufacturer to review and send report. This helps naturally in tracking down pesky and stubborn virus which slowly creeps into the system bogging down your device functionalities.

While the primary function of an antivirus program has always been virus detection and removal, its mobile versions have a lot in its offering to smartphone users. Norton mobile version is as robust as the one that comes for your PC. It not only detects virus during scan but also while you are browsing in real time.

Every time you see an unknown number popping up at the top the notification panel of your smartphone, you might get surrounded with apprehensions. Well it’s the time to keep all the fear aside as there Morton antivirus application available for android as well as iOS users that can be helpful in disclosing the identity of an unidentified number. Hence, whether you are a mobile user or a PC user, make your lives simple by getting a Norton antivirus security!