ROUTE 405 CHANGE Due to Ellicott City Flood

By May 29, 2018 No Comments

Until further notice, Route 405/Yellow A (Loop) Outbound will not serve Toll House Road.

Route Change: From Long Gate Shopping Center the bus will travel to Montgomery Road/Route 29 North/Route 40 North and proceed to Rogers Avenue.  The bus will enter the George Howard Building parking lot and loop around onto Brightwell Drive, continue to Rogers Avenue and proceed to Wal Mart.

Until further notice, Route 405/Yellow B (Loop) Inbound will not service Ellicott Mills Drive and Main Street.

Route Change: From Rogers Avenue, the bus will travel to Court House Drive, through the parking lot of the George Howard Building and loop onto Brightwell Drive.  The bus proceeds left onto Rogers Avenue and continues to Long Gate Shopping Center and Columbia Mall. .

For further details, call customer service: 1-800-270-9553.