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Proposed Service Improvement: 501/Silver

By March 3, 2015 March 12th, 2015 21 Comments

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  • Isaiah Smith says:

    I think a good service improvement for the 501/Silver route would be possibly adding a 30-minute bus. Sometimes when I’m at the Columbia Mall I will sometimes hear other passengers say “why didn’t RTA think about doing a 30-minute Silver bus”? I agree with what the passengers have been saying because if there was a 30-minute Silver bus it would be good for people who want to go to the mall first and then hop on the 30-minute Silver towards BWI so they don’t have to wait a hour for the next one. Also a 30-minute Silver would be helpful because if passengers who got off the 30-minute Green, Gold, E, and Red buses need the Silver towards BWI they won’t have to wait for the Silver bus that will arrive at Columbia Mall for the top of the hour departure. So all in all, I think this would be a good service improvement for the 501/Silver route.

  • Not sure what the proposed changes will be because there is no PDF document to download. Are you asking for our input?????????

  • Deb says:

    I think you click on this link to find out about proposed changes; only it does not say what changes they are proposing for the Silver bus.

    It is nice they are having a meeting but do I have to take the E bus to get there? They should give bus directions to how to get to these meeting places.

  • Karen Davis says:

    8 minutes earlier on the Silver’s first two runs? I connect on to that bus from the B and barely make it most mornings since the B is so often so late. I won’t make that connection AT ALL if it’s leaving 8 minutes earlier.

  • Jennifer Warren says:

    It would be a good idea to have the Silver run every 30 mins instead of an hour. Or maybe have 2 30 min buses in the morning and late evenings especially for people who are getting to and from work.

  • rthoco says:

    Meeting dates and locations TBD the week of March 23rd. We will post on our website and also local papers.
    Thank you,

  • Pet shop says:

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  • Kim Curry says:

    I understand the reason for this change, which is to have greater connectivity between the RTA and MARC Train schedules. However, schedules within the RTA family are also in need of greater coordination. There are many instances in the published schedules where connections between buses are missed by very short time periods. For example, at Arundel Mills in the morning and afternoon, the B/502 bus schedule has arrival times anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes after the Silver/501 bus leaves. This happens between the B and the K and J at various times during the day. However, I think the Silver and J buses run late from time to time so therefore the connections with the B can be made successfully. I think the RTA schedules should be reviewed with the same goal in mind that led to this proposed Silver change, which is coordination between schedules. The RTA schedules appear to have been designed without considering bus transfers. I think it would make sense to have the buses arrive at the major transfer points (Laurel, Arundel, Columbia) at the top of the hour to allow for easy transfers. Also, it would be great if the GPS would be made operational again on all the buses. It has not worked since summer 2014, I believe.

  • S says:

    Get rid of the lightskinned silver bus driver! He’s a dickhead and makes the rta bus service look like a joke. Seriously he needs to be fired.

  • Karen Davis says:

    I’m upset that you have changed the 501 Silver schedule so that it leaves Arundel Mills at 6:48. Especially since today it actually left JUST as the 502 B from Laurel pulled in behind it at 6:46. I have called and written asking you to take the 502 B riders into account if you moved the 501 Silver ahead, but you chose not to.

    I cannot afford to be an hour later to work every day and I clearly am not going to be able to count on the 502 B getting me to the mall in time to catch the 501 Silver . This means I will no longer be purchasing monthly RTA HT passes, even though in the evening the 501 is better than MTA’s 17 for me. But I can’t buy three monthly passes. 

    You have lost me as a steady rider on the 501 Silver. I will ride it home as I already have a pass for May, but come June that will be it. 

  • Mark says:

    My son is now using the 501 Silver Route from Columbia to BWI for his job. He works the night shift and on the weekend the hours are limited. Suggesting weeknight times for the weekend evening.

    Appreciate your service!!!


  • Cathy Wallace says:

    I would like to see the bus stop at all the stops indicated in the schedule-especially the Park N Rides which are the only place that people can leave their vehicles to catch a bus ride. This schedule leaves out some of the stops at the Broken Land Park N Ride at various times during the day. What would be the value to the general public to do that? That means riders must either be able to walk to a stop or be dropped off to wait there-they cannot leave their bike or car at a stop without a place to park. That’s the value of the Park N Rides-of all the stops these should be ones that are supported. Please put these stops back in the rotation so people can do their part to keep cars off the roads. Thanks.

  • Jean says:

    There needs to be 30 min silver in afternoon from 3-6pm for individuals who work in Columbia to bwi.

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