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Proposed Service Improvement: 302/G

By March 3, 2015 March 12th, 2015 6 Comments

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  • Not sure what the proposed changes will be because you can’t download the PDF document.

  • rtacoho says:

    Hello Ms. Sentell,
    The link issue has been corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Vero Montalvo says:

    Please don’t make these changes to the G. The buses are late just as it is. And there are other buses that serve the Laurel loop.

  • At least you have the bus arriving at Laurel Centre so that you can catch another bus if needed, yet it’s a delay of about 45 minutes – long time to wait. But adding the Main Street route doesn’t affect me, unless I am on Main Street and you don’t get back to the Laurel Centre so that I could catch the next buses going out. Why the 10 minute delay in leaving Laurel Centre or is that the buffer for if late coming from College Park Metro? Or the bus drivers break? Also it would be nice if it ran in reverse order down Cherry Lane to Rt 1 North to Main St and around the other way. No bus goes to the corner of Cherry Lane & Rt 1 (without walking some and crossing Rt 1) or Laurel Bowie Road & Rt 1. I know the Purple runs some of the way but not all of the way done Rt 1. Granted you can walk but for some to get to the other side of Laurel Centre & up by Rt 198 East, it is not easy. It would be nice to have a bus that goes on the Rt 1 North side (between Cherry Lane and Rt 198 East – heading North). You could alternate this route with going around the other way first – Sandy Spring side and the goes around Rt 1 side the next hour. Not sure what the “less trips allow the additional running time required” is referring to — they should be marked. Also wish would extend time later also for people who work till 9 pm closing or would like to go out on Saturday night. Some use the buses because they don’t have other transportation and taxis aren’t in our budget or convenient for reliability – especially at night and on weekends. Also would like Saturday bus’s to start at least 1 hour earlier. Also is there only one bus running or two? Because the start time for leaving Town Centre at 6:25 am and back to mall at 6:50 am – yet – leaving Town Centre at 6:00 and getting at College Park Metro at 6:33 am – so I will take it that there are two bus’s running this route.

  • Anthony Williams says:

    Thank you for the change on the G route but my question is are you going to return the D bus route since some people do ride that route?

  • Annhee Im says:

    I want to change shipping address of RTA card.
    How can I do for it?

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