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Proposed Service Improvement: 301/A

By March 3, 2015 March 12th, 2015 6 Comments

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  • lisa says:

    Are you supposed to have a magnifying glass on hand to read this.?

  • rthoco says:

    Please download the document to view a larger font of both the timetable and the map.
    thank you

  • Debbie says:

    good morning I get on the A bus at Larchdale rd first bus going to the Hosp. my shift starts a 7am so you are telling me that I will be a half hr late every day that’s not workable I’m not the only one riding that bus that’s going to have the same problem its bad enough that some time we don’t get a bus at time it should come and know you are telling us you are changing the time we need our JOBS.

  • Debbie says:

    some of the people on the first A bus need the catch the first purple bus at the mall but with this new time they will miss it, like I said before WE NEED OUR JOBS

  • Rich Reed says:

    The 301A RTA Bus is already undependable and sometimes doesn’t arrive. The Route through my neighborhood has changed 3 times, switching from the A to E routes and now RTA has removed service altogether. This is really stupid and doesn’t serve your customers well. You should be trying to fill in routes not served by Metro but instead you keep frustrating and driving away riders.

  • james anderson says:

    Waiting on bus at Muirkirk and Route 197 heading toward South Laurel Dr. Around 9:40 am, 02/26/16 Bus no. 9545 came speeding by and did not stop even though I was waiving him down. Around 9:58 the bus comes from South Laurel Dr direction and picks up passenger on other side of street. I had the option of waiting until the next bus leaves the town center at 10:25, walk or take a cab. I would like to see this driver severely disciplined and also see evidence of it.

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