Proposed Service Enhancements to Existing Service

Proposed Service Enhancements – Route 501/Silver

By June 22, 2017 4 Comments

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  • Sue Poole says:

    Riders and concerned citizens,
    Please share your comments and suggestions with our staff and county members. Your responses are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Sue Poole
    Director of Communications

  • Isaiah Smith says:

    I think the 501/Silver should remain normal between Columbia and BWI Airport. I don’t think the route should be shorten between Columbia and Arundel Mills and whoever needs to continue onto the airport should not need to hop on the LocalLink 75 when they can just stay on the Silver and continue their way to BWI. Maybe if MTA is going to put a ticket machine at Arundel Mills so passengers can hop on the 75 then I can see why the Silver will be shortened to just Arundel Mills and not have the full route to BWI.

  • RJ Buckingham says:

    Service connecting to other transportation systems is a vital part of any public transportation system, and addresses an important need. I hope service is maintained from Columbia Mall to BWI and the Amtrak station. I don’t wish to transfer at Arundel Mills, a place I rarely have reason to go anyway. I go to BWI and Amtrak several times a year, and discontinuing this service would force me to pay a shuttle service. Please consider the folks you’re chartered to serve.

  • John W. Eberhard says:

    I agree with RJ Buckingham. Furthermore, cutting this service would have a negative impact on workers who rely on this service to get to work. This will also have a negative impact on seniors and their visiting grandchildren from out of town who fly here to visit them and use the Silver line to get to see them. . Some time ago Neighbor Ride stopped enabling riders from going to BWI because the Silver Line enabled them to reach BWI. This will no longer be the case.

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