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Proposed New Service – Route 504

By June 22, 2017 One Comment

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  • Susan Portis says:

    Route 405: Where is the bus stop in Piney Orchard (the map is not clear)? Is Route 504 is the enhancement to Route 203M? So will 203 continue to run its current schedule? The brochure doesn’t make it clear, as it says the new service only runs during peak hours (to supplement the exiting route)? The chart at the bottom of the page (service days/existing/proposed frequency) only shows weekdays proposed to be 6:18 am-10:23 am. These hours don’t match the top of the page which says “services will operate Monday-Friday 5:30 10:30 a.m. and 3:00P.M.-6:30 p.m. Will the 504 run every 30 minutes or every hour? With the traffic and road construction along this new route, it will probably take more than 30 minutes to run it one way. When/where are the Anne Arundel County info sessions? Will we be getting newer buses? The current buses break down way too often to make transitRTA a reliable mode of transportation.

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