HCPSS (Middle/High School) and Howard Community College students will have the option to obtain a Student Bus Pass for free rides on RTA. This program will be available for students with a valid school-issued email address. The pass will be valid through the end of the summer of the current school year. Students will reapply each school year to access a new pass.

  • For students with smartphones: Students must download the Transit App and follow instructions on setting up an account. They will have access to a digital pass stored on their smartphone in the app.
  • For students without a smartphone: The student must show their current student ID to obtain a physical student pass at their respective school office.

As part of the program, the student agrees to follow the RTA Ridership Policies. RTA’s How to Ride page can be found at the following link: https://www.transitrta.com/how-to-ride/

Step #1

Download the Transit App from your Google Play or Apple Store.

Step #2

Click the avatar/settings for the next screen to create your account.

Step #3

Click the banner that says, ‘Use your Transit account’.

Step #4

Enter your school-issued email address to start the account creation process.

Step #5

Enter your first and last name.

Step #6

Create your password and agree to the Transit’s Terms of Use for access.

Step #7

Once you are connected, you will see ‘connected’ in the banner. Then hit ‘done’ to return to the transit navigation screen.

Step #8

Now that your Transit App account is set up let’s confirm your eligibility to redeem your bus pass. Click ‘Buy Ticket’ in the banner on the screen.

Step #9

Click on the ‘fare type’ banner to access student fares.

Step #10

Click ‘student’ to access the eligibility requirements for this fare.

Step #11

Click ‘Apply now’ to submit your free fare bus pass application.

Step #12

Please read the application details and then scroll the page to complete the required fields.

Step #13

Fill out the application. Be sure to use your school-issued email address. Click ‘Submit’ when you are complete.

Step #14

Upon completing your application, you will get the following screen, and receive an email notification confirming your access to student fares.

Step #15

Choose the student fare that applies to you.

Step #16

Choose ‘Buy Ticket’ and if you want the nearest stop to be identified when you activate your fare, click the checkbox.

Step #17

Acknowledge and accept the ticket rules.

Step #18

Select your payment method.

(There will be no charge to your credit/debit card)

Step #19

Grab your parent/guardian and have them help you with adding the required payment.

Step #20

Confirm your purchase and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Proceed to payment.

Step #21

You may be prompted to enter your profile password – enter it to validate the payment and place your order.

Step #22

After your purchase is confirmed, activate your ticket.

Step #23

Ready to ride?! Read the prompt and confirm your activation.

Step #24

As noted in Step 16, you may be prompted with the message below. The choice is yours.

Step #24

Your ticket is now activated! You will see a pulsating red circle around the RTA logo. Please show the transit operator your phone so they can verify your fare. Grab a seat and travel safely!

Download Transit today… and get more time back from your busy schedule!