Know where your bus is at all times

Download Transit.

Transit provides real-time arrival information for service across the region. Whether you are checking the status of your favorite bus route or need step-by-step directions to get somewhere new, Transit and RTA have you covered.

How do I use Transit?

When you first open the app, it uses your location to pinpoint the bus routes that pass closest to you.

TIP! Be sure to allow Transit to access your location data during the installation process.

The route display provides pertinent information such as the route name, direction, and stop name. Swipe left or right on a route to change direction. When you see the flashing real-time icon, that means there’s a GPS tracker on the bus providing accurate arrival time information.

TIP! Since real-time arrival is based on current bus location, real-time displayed may change depending on traffic conditions.

Planning Your Trip

Transit has a built-in Trip Planner to give you easy-to-use directions:

  1. Enter a destination by tapping the green search bar on the home screen.
  2. Select your route to get more details.
  3. If you want Transit to notify you exactly when you should start walking to catch the bus, launch the GO feature

GO provides step-by-step guidance for your whole trip. GO will recommend when to leave to board, tell you how many stops until your destination, and push notifications when you are approaching and have arrived at your destination.

Service Alerts

Service advisories provided by your agency are displayed in the app. When an alert is active, you will see an exclamation mark beside the route number. You can also choose to receive push notifications to your phone when alerts are issued.


Always take the same route? Tap the star icon to add it to your favorites. Favorite routes always show up at the top of the list on the home screen when they are nearby. You can view and modify your favorite routes and service alert subscriptions in the Settings section.

Get the App

Worried about the app size? It’s under 100MB which is 3x smaller than Snapchat!

Download Transit now and get more time back from your busy schedule!

Real-Time Arrival Alternatives

Unable to download Transit?  No worries, RTA has you covered!  We have three options for our passengers to choose from:

  1. Text the 5-digit Stop ID (on bus stop sign) to 410-517-7977 for LIVE bus arrivals.
  2. Call Customer Service at 800-270-9553.
  3. Go to real-time information page and select Route and Stop location.

For more information download TRANSIT 101 Brochure/ Information Card